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May 29, 2018

We love LA! Arts consultant and author Beth Pickens joins Allison to discuss the practicalities of being an artist.
We talk about living in cities, the importance of community for artists, making art during fascism, how to keep your art practice from destroying your mental health, the queer legacies in art, and so much more.

More topics: 

Nostalgia | Protestant work ethic | Internalized ableism | Wealth Disparity | Bootstrap Myth | Expanses of time as anathema to the creative process | LA is a cookie jar | The value of creative skills | Failure as liberation | Politicized bodies | Misery isn’t solidarity | Creating an art making ritual | The role of community for artists | Inverted hierarchy of priorities

It's balm for your art-making soul!

"June" by Alex Dmitrov
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