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Sep 18, 2018

On this week’s episode of Artgasm, Conner Habib has thoughts and opinions. We have a great conversation about the problem with enthusiastic consent, sex as a potent teacher, the importance of deconstructing desires, and oh so much more!


The nuance removal machine | The secret behind the Real Housewives fights | Arousal versus sexuality | Small talk destruction strategies | Queer code switching | Lexicological landmines | Sex informing intellectual pursuits | Sex as a teacher | Deconstructing desires | The problem with “enthusiastic consent” | Consenting to the kind of consent demanded of us | The power of introspection | The glorification of unhealable victimhood | The gamification of apologies | Cultural differences between gay and straight consent | Courting the right enemies | The risk of the single reading of art | Art and sex as non-structured exploration


The Tip of the Tongue Reading at the Come Inside Festival


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