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Aug 21, 2018

Drag is for Everybody with Drag performer Pepper Pepper!

We talk all things Diva- from witch to victim to transformative practice.  We get deep about trauma, transmutation, and the alchemical power of performance.

Deconstruction of drag tropes |  Gender punks | Monster drag | The Myth of the Diva |  Feminine Suffering via the Torchsong |  Clown, Ballet, and Butoh | What Drag Race has done for drag queens | Reclaiming words | Using a drag persona as a grief witch |  The Sexual Capital of Drag Queens | The Power of “Taking the Wig Off” |  Communal reclamation of glamour | Fabulous takes practice | Gay men gatekeeping drag | Social media addiction | What is “realness?”




i hope we choose love: notes on the application of justice


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