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Jul 10, 2018

Esoteric fanatic and righteous researcher Jason Porath discusses all of the badass women thoughout history you never learned about. How he went from a Dreamworks animator to a creative entrepreneur with one of the coolest books you'll want to buy all the women in your life.

Boudica | Hidden Porn in Dreamworks Studios| Left brained artists| Dealing with Haters| Research and Esoterica | Ada Lovelace’s mad scientist syndrome | Finding Inspiration in Moms | Joan of Arc’s tyranny | Ada Blackjack | Using sexual reputation to control women | An empress who started as a sex worker | Procopius | Veneida Smith, Teenage Horse Thief | Finding role models in women as a cis het white dude | Josephine Baker’s interpersonal strife | Amelia Ehrheart’s open relationship | The diplomacy of Toregene Khatun | Women’s link to their lineage | The medical brilliance of Vera Peters | Non-toxic men | The broken sociopathy of James Bond | The perniciousness of “the Chosen One” story trope | Hobo-Dyer Projection Map vs. Mercator Projection Map


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