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Mar 26, 2019

Allison joins her partner of 12 years, Reid Mihalko, for an intimate conversation about their journeys through sex and kink, their philosophies on the erotica and the taboo, and how Reid discovered the transformative power of touch. 


Throwing orgies in 250 sq. Ft | The sexy secrets of old New York | Celebrity run-ins in the Meatpacking district | The gentrification of queerness | If BDSM dungeons were like Equinox gyms | Taboo and the erotic | Exploring kink | Being a service switch | Sanitization of the illicit | The power of the erotic mind | The sensuous vs the erotic | Sex as nourishment | Performative vulnerability | The modest origins of Cuddle Party | Psychedelics | Discovering your identity in a sea of writhing bodies